How to join FOSPA

Membership is open to anyone who cares about the safe keeping of Sutton Park, the plants and the creatures that live there.

FOSPA is a non profit making organization. All we ask is for a small annual donation to support the conservation team and the projects we are working on. The Committee and Conservation Team are volunteers, and unlike some similar groups, are not paid for their work. As a result, membership fees are kept to the bare minimum, but provides enough income to pay for tools, safety equipment, sapling trees and sundry items. So you will know that the money you give is directed to the good of the Park.

By becoming a member you will join a loyal and supportive group of people who are keen to save and protect the Park for future generations. As a group we can put forward your views and ideas. The more members we have, the stronger we stand. But to do this we need your help. If you have any concerns about the Park, FOSPA wants to know about them. If there are any issues that need further investigation, FOSPA will take them up. And, if there are any developments that you need to know about, FOSPA will keep you informed.

As a member you will receive a regular newsletter by post, details about our work and forthcoming events and other information not published on these pages.

To join please use our membership form below (or, we can send you a form by post if you prefer), or contact us by email for further details

FOSPA Membership (Click to download)

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