FoSPA Conservation Team

The FoSPA Conservation Team is a group of keen, energetic people who meet every other Sunday and who are dedicated to improving the environment of the park. To join the team, email us. One of us will respond to you with more information and then, if you are interested, you can join a work session or two to see if you like it. If, after a couple of sessions, you would like to join us regularly we will ask you to fill in a FoSPA membership form and pay an annual fee of £10. This covers your insurance and ensures that we can provide the group with the necessary tools and safety equipment.

There are many reasons for getting involved. You may want to keep fit, have a specific interest in conservation work, or just want to get out into the fresh air on a Sunday! But, everyone who comes along shares the same quest, to improve the park and its wide range of habitats. Without our members the park would look a far different place today.

Our Conservation Team is cooperatively run, and with the help of the Sutton Park Ranger Service prepares a wide range of interesting conservation projects. Work is only targeted to where it is needed the most and the team members always get a great buzz from their work

Coppice-area-looking-down-hillImportant things you need to know about Conservation Work

If you want to become a conservation member please refer to this page. It contains information about our health and safety policy and our what to do to get involved.

The health and safety of team members and the public are taken very seriously and tasks are only undertaken when trained first aiders and TCV trained leaders are present. We also conduct risk assessments specific to each task and will only undertake work if all relevant conditions are met.

The projects are sometimes located in remote areas which can be difficult to get to. Usually all tools, equipment and materials have to be carried by the team to and from the site over rough terrain, which can be especially difficult on wet or boggy ground. The team share the load and ensure that the kit is transported in the safest possible way.

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If you want to get involved in conservation work and join our team of volunteers please email us, where will provide you with the latest information on tasks, times and location, and any other issues you should be aware of.

  • Anyone aged under 16 years should be accompanied by an adult.
  • Due to the nature of the work please ensure that your tetanus booster is up to date. We always carry a full and up to date first aid kit for emergencies
  • Safety equipment such as hard hats, gloves and goggles will be provided.
  • Protective footwear is essential as most of the tasks take place in rough terrain and remote areas. It is advisable to bring along Wellington boots when working on wetland projects.
  • We provide all tools and instruction, insurance cover, hot and cold drinks and biscuits. You should bring a packed lunch as we do not normally leave the site for breaks.
  • Tasks may occasionally be altered at short notice from the advertised programme. If you arrive late staff at the Visitor Centre will let you know where we are working.
  • Volunteers are reminded that they are personally responsible for any loss or damage occurring to their clothes or belongings whilst they are engaged in FOSPA Conservation Team activities.

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All meetings start at 10:30am at the FoSPA tool store beyond Park House (The Toby Carvery) and finish around 3pm.